"Bha na daoine ann am mòr-bhùth."

Translation:The people were in a supermarket.

June 9, 2020

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There were people in a supermarket should also be accepted, shouldn´t it?


No, it shouldn’t. In there were people in a supermarket ‘people’ are indefinite, some unspecified people.

In the people were in a supermarket ‘the people’ are definite, some specific persons you have on your mind.

there were people in a supermarket would be bha daoine ann am mòr-bhùth instead of bha na daoine (…).


I had a typo in my answer but clearly wasn't typing English and kept getting error saying I was typing English.


Doesn't there are people in the supermarket also make sense?

  1. The verb here is bha – the past tense (so they were in the supermarket, not necessarily still are),
  2. It’s na daoine the people, some specific definite ones – so no, there are/were people isn’t correct translation here.
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