"a' bhean sgoinneil"

Translation:the brilliant wife

June 9, 2020

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Are femenine nouns preceded by "a'" instead of "an "?


Feminine nouns in singular are lenited by the article, and an before a lenited consonant changes to a’, so in a way – yes. But it really depends what goes after the article, and not on the gender. Eg. the s after the article gets lenited to t-s (pronounced /t/), so eg. sùil eye (a fem. noun) changes to an t-sùil (an doesn’t change before /t/). Eaglais church is also feminine but it starts with a vowel, so the church is an eaglais.

But then the article always causes lenition in dative, so in the boat is anns a’ bhàta even though bàta boat is masculine.


Is any one else having trouble with this speaker's pronunciation of this and so many other phrases? Her pronunciation of sgoinneil had a "yat" sound at the end. When does "l" sound like "t"?


Is there anyone that I can speak to about the Animals Lessons? It would seem that the only thing in the lessons and translations is about anything but Animals! What the heck is going on??


Tha a'bhean sgoinnell aice. Does that work?

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