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Student Languages

Hello, In establishing my Duolingo for Schools Class, I was "forced" to choose one native language for my ESL learners. That is, they are all learning English with me, but my class includes speakers of 6-9 languages at any given time. Is there any way to address this? Is there a way for me to assign English as the language of instruction, and then to have my students individually opt for different languages of instruction? Thanks!

June 9, 2020




If you're teaching English to students with different language backgrounds, you can select 'No specific language' under 'My students are studying...' (a bit counterintuitive, I know). You will not be shown a curriculum, and you will only be able to assign XP, not specific skills. The system is not (currently) set up to have different base language-target language pairs in the same classroom, unfortunately.

I teach English or ELL/ESL, what do I do?


Fabulous, Atervanda! I never would have figured this out on my own. It's tempting to create different classes to accommodate my different learners... We shall see. Again, thank you!

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