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"Hij werkt op de schoenenafdeling."

Translation:He works in the shoe department.

July 31, 2014



Jesus! When we are talking about the place where someone is working, many prepositions seem to be possible.

I have met "Zij werkt in aan kantoor." "Zij werk bij de bank" and here "Hij werkt op de schoenenafdeling."

Is there any rule to know when to use aan or bij or op or...?


Good question. I have the same question for the english language.


when talking about a building., at or in is fairly interchangeable. When talking about a company, generally at, though for can also work. When talking about a profession or trade, "in" for a white collar profession broadly; "as" for a specific job or for a trade, broadly. When regarding a project, "on." When approaching a task, and trying to get some understanding and mastery, "at."

I'm working at understanding our new software. I'm working on the Jones account. I'm working in finance. I'm working as an assistant to the head accountant. I'm working at Bank of America. I'm working in the accounting division. I'm working for Ms. Skansky, my boss; we work at [or in] the main branch at 1st Street and 3rd Ave.

I'm not sure this is invariant, but I have not thought up a violation of it, yet. I'm sure someone will help. ; )


I CANNOT pronounce schoenenafdeling. I have tried over 20 times. I guess it is not in my genetic pool to say this word to please the computer. PLEASE HELP


I'm having the same problem. I think it might be a glitch

[deactivated user]

    I got this as a speaking exercise and it won't mark me as correct I had to put can't speak now instead please fix


    I have recorded the original audio and played it back and it is not recognised, so it is a glitch. Interesting that is was not fixed after 5 years.


    Seconding this. Gotta be a glitch


    Same here, i think the app has a problem, i reported it


    Same for me, pretty sure it's a glitch.


    Same problem here, it has to be a bug


    Same. I think i say it correcly. But it somehow doesn't recognise


    same here. very annoying.


    still not fixed. Dutch partner says it's definitely not me. Reporting, too.


    I am having the same problem.


    Same problem please fix it. Thanks


    Still not fixed in June 2021...


    I'm not quite sure when to use "op" "aan" "in" in these situations. For example, I would have assumed it was working "in" the shoe department (as you're literally inside it), or at least "at" the shoe department (aan/om as it "zit aan/om de tafel?"). How do I decide which to use?


    It is sometimes not a matter of deciding which to use, but a matter of memorizing which preposition goes with which verb for a specific meaning. http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/neerlandais-francais/afdeling http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/neerlandais-francais/op http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/francais-anglais/a

    op can mean à which means "in", "at" (or "to" but not in this context)

    https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3782321 (Prepositions) http://www.heardutchhere.net/BasicDutchPage3.html (Prepositions shown visually)


    that visual one is SWEET!

    [deactivated user]

      Who (or what) is al bundy? A seller of shoes where you come from?


      He is a television character from a comedy programme that was on the television a very long time ago. He worked in a shoe shop.

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      dizrythmia: I was thinking the same thing!


      "schoenenafdeling" sounds like "schoendafdeling"


      I agree I cannot hear the second "en" schoenENafdeling in the audio.


      Is 'schoenafdeling' not an acceptable answer? It was rejected


      No. However, at both regular speed and slow speed, it does not sound correct. It doesn't sound like either schoen or schoenen. Is there something in Dutch pronunciation to not completely say certain words?


      Duo Lingo needs to make it possible to accept properly pronounced compound words. I had to turn off my speaking options in order to answer this, and it is messing up the rest of my studies on here to do that. C'mon Duo Team!


      Same here, pronounciation doesn't get accepted, no even by a Dutch speaker


      The shoe department doesn’t even sound like English to me. I have never seen a sign for a shoe department. I have seen footwear department since there are all types of footwear to be purchased, not just shoes. Within a footwear department there could be a shoe section. Not that it matters how English works since this is a Dutch course, however I keep losing hearts for translating sentences in a more natural way! I suppose trying to work out what Duo will accept is part of the game.


      Having the same issue. Will not accept any pronunciation. Got my dutch tutor to say it and it wouldn't even accept it then!!!


      I got a native speaker to pronounce this sentence and it still didn't get schoenenafdeling, can you fix it? Thanks :)


      Why can't it be 'He works for the shoe department'.


      I believe it's, "Hij werkt voor de schoenenafdeling," if you are saying, "He works for the shoe department."


      Additionally, you don't really work for a department in this sense. In the shopping sense, a department is a physical segment of a larger store. You can work for the store, in the department. The kind of department you work for is an organization of its own, such as the Department of Labor.


      I'm curious why the Duolingo team thought that "schoenenafdeling" was an important enough word, or a word used frequently enough, that it needed to be taught in an introductory language course.


      Because all vocabulary is good vocabulary and one can take this example to use in the context of all kinds of departments in all kinds of shops.


      Al Bundy, is it you?


      Hi I have tried to vary how to pronounce schoenenafdeling but cannot seem to get it right Do you have any suggestions to assist thank you Jenny


      Why is "Shoes department" wrong? The sentence uses the work Schoenen after all.


      In English I've never heard someone say they're going to the shoes department. It's just how it works. I believe the Dutch are just a little more literal about it than we are.


      Hmmm :/ this is sad... it shows that I am not a native english speaker. I always thought that those departments were called "Shoes Departments" and despite living in the states for two years, nobody ever corrected me... It seems logical from the point of view that Shoes are always sold in pairs therefore they must be pluralized. Or from the fact that a department always have more than a single product of the same kind, like Electronics department, or Fabrics Department. Oh well.. :/ annoying error of me.


      Well, at least you know now, right? It would be quite frustrating if no one ever corrected you. You are correct, though, it would make more sense for it to be pluralized. However, English doesn't make much sense, so that's not how it works. ;) Also, I feel rude doing this but I know you would want to know this, so I'll say it anyway. I think your last sentence - "annoying error of me" - should be "annoying error of mine." I do feel rude correcting you, but as a fellow language learner I know it's good to realize your mistakes.


      Yeah, thank you for the explanation :)


      Mhm, any time. And thanks for the lingot!


      When a noun (in this case "shoe") is used as an adjective, it remains in the singular - shoe store, fabric store, etc. "Electronics department" (with an s) is correct however, because the noun is "electronics" and not "electronic". Hope that's clear!


      It is because the noun is being used as an adjective and so it is not usually plural, although some nouns are always plural and of course there are some exceptions, such as when the noun refers to people. http://www.englishleap.com/grammar/noun-as-adjective\

      http://www.usingenglish.com/glossary/noun-as-adjective.html Electronics store is correct but it is a Fabric store


      It's a fabric store as a general class, but it's either the fabric or the fabrics department...and some individual fabric stores are, by their own name, fabrics stores, e.g. Joann Fabrics and Crafts; https://firecrackerfabrics.com;

      (note: I do not work for any of these! purely informational.)


      Electronics is such a broad category of items, not a single kind: TV's, Radios, computers, door alarms, sewing machines, too many examples. Whereas Fabric is just "textiles" and that would include threads and zippers and batting. Hence, the Electronic"s" Department versus Fabric Department. Appliance"s" (ovens, mixers, fridges, toasters, kettles) versus Houseware (dinnerware including glasses and cutlery and food prep handtools). Shoe Department has footwear not footwear"s". Furniture not Furniture"s"


      I'm a native English speaker and I wrote "shoes department." I think it's fine and should be accepted. (But "shoe department" probably is more common!)

      [deactivated user]

        Here in England, we normally call it the footwear department, because it sells slippers, trainers, sandals and boots as well as shoes, but I just tried that, and Duolingo doesn't accept it.


        That's a mouth full...


        How about shoe store? ;)

        [deactivated user]

          I wouldn't think so. The "afdeling" part of the word means "department", so it's referring to the shoe section of a shop , not a whole shop which sells shoes. I think the Dutch for "shoe shop" (or "shoe store" if you are American) wiuld be schoenenwinkel.


          Who is Al Bundy?


          Shoe saleman who is the father/husband in the stupid USA show called "Married with Children"


          I just got an error message on my computer for the spelling of schoenenafdeling (red dots beneath) but none on 'schoenafdeling'. I googled both and saw that both are possible and used. Is there a usage change taking place ??? Which is more common these days???


          The speaking one really doesn't work


          good question it does seem confusing


          I feel it's impossible to get the pronunciation right


          It's the same as in numbers:the program does not take the pronouncation and will never let you go forward. It needs urgent fixing. Native speakers can not get it done!


          Agreed, but it seems to be a limitation of the third-party speech-to-text engine that DL currently uses. So in the meantime we just have to complain 1001 times... sorry can't understand that... 1002.…


          There is an error: it never marks the pronunciation correct.


          After trying several times, I was able to pronounce schoenenafdeling by talking VERY fast. But there seems a problem with the app to recognise the sound properly


          another occasion where it is not accepting my spoken answer


          The computer does not like how I pronounce "schoenenafdeling." Is there a glitch? I've tried it 55 times!!! Or is this their clever way to make me never ever forget this word?


          I say the word "schoenenafdeling" but it's not recognizing it. Same as some numbers aren't acceoted yet i know I'm pronouncing them correctly.


          Still a glitch in the app for the pronunciation of 'schoenenafdelning' in May 2021. I've complained about this and it's inability to recognize numbers for MONTHS! Duo, do something about this now! My patients is about gone and soon so will I be!☹

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