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"Hij heeft een hond en zes katten."

Translation:He has a dog and six cats.

July 31, 2014



You can't quite hear the difference between "een" (=a) and "één" (=one). I was expecting it to be "één", as this lesson is about numbers, so this exercise is unnecessarily tricky...


Look at the English: Nothing like 'one' there either.


Very strongly agree. You would think, the lesson being about numbers, that the recording was saying one dog. There is no distinction between the pronunciation of the Dutch words for a/an and one. I think één should be accepted. For example, in French a lot of verbs in the third person are indistinguishale in pronunciation in the third person. Duolingo accepts either in that situation.


sounds like my dream man


Dat dacht ik ook!


Als ik in Colorado woonde, had ik elf huisdieren


Why does duolingo not think that hound means the same thing as dog?


"A hound is a type of dog used by hunters to track or chase prey." -Wikipedia hound = dog dog ≠ hound


My English keyboard does not produce the Dutch accents, but when I was listening to the audio of the a/one word, it sounded like "un" in the regular audio and "ain" in the slower version. If there is a conflict between the two which should I take to be authoritative?


You can usually get accents by pressing and holding the appropriate letter. Ie press and hold e and you have access to all the accented versions

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