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double adjective before and after noun??

le grand homme grand est suisse? what is it? is it an error, or is it a way to underline how big the man is? got it in two places, once i needed to translate it to english, and once to write it from hearing....

August 14, 2012



There are a few adjectives that can be placed before or after the noun and they change their meaning when they do so. The adjective "grand" is one of these. So "Le grand homme ..." is the great, important or powerful man - but be could be short in stature, like Napoleon. "L'homme grand ..." is the tall man. "Le grand homme grand ..." is someone who is both, like General De Gaulle was in the eyes of many French. Except he is not Swiss.


Twice "grand" is one too many, yes it is a mistake. You can report it, using feedback.


"Un curieux enfant curieux". Is an oddly-behaved and inquisitive child.



thanks for the explanation, except in this case its a bug, since when i translated it as a big great swiss man, it said i was wrong, and that it meant just "big swiss man"

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