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Stuck on lesson 1

I have completed lesson one for German multiple times, but it won't let me advance to do additional lessons. Is this a bug?

May 11, 2013



I took a look, and you should be able to advance through the lessons in that skill. In order to unlock the next skill you'll need to finish all the lessons for 'Basics 1'. Let me know if you have any more trouble progressing (moving this thread to 'troubleshooting').


Thank you kristinemc :) Now it won't go to the next lesson, lesson 3, under basics even though I got all the answers right during lesson 2 :/


I have done lessons 1 and 2 under basics and have moved on to lesson 3 but it is asking me to translate words that I have never seen before - obviously I can't do this because I have not been taught these new words!! What should I do?

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