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  5. "Mijn schaar is geel."

"Mijn schaar is geel."

Translation:My scissors are yellow.

July 31, 2014



Should it not be: Mijn schaaren zijn geel = My scissors are yellow


No. Contrary to English, in Dutch 'de schaar' is a singular, just as 'de broek' ('the pants') and 'de bril' ('the glasses'). The plural of 'schaar' is 'scharen' ('pairs of scissors').


Scissor is a weird word in English - referring to it in the singular and plural form are both correct.


Could schaar also mean shears?


"Heggeschaar" is a pair of hedge shears, so I suppose "shears" could also be referred to as "schaar."


Some people refer to scissors as shears so I'd say yes, they are synonyms


Earlier, I got "my schaar is geel" wrong, with the corrected answer being "min scharen zijn geel", and here I'm asked the answer I got wrong earlier, and I'm wrong again when I give the corrected answer u was given in the first place...


"Schaar" means one PAIR of scissors, and several pairs of scissors are "scharen." You have to look at the verb "is" vs. "zijn". "Is" = one pair = "schaar", "zijn" = more than one pair = "scharen."

In English, "scissors" is both plural and singular, so if they ask you to translate "my scissors are yellow," you have no way of knowing whether they are speaking of one pair or several pairs, so "mijn schaar is geel" and "mijn scharen zijn geel" should both be correct answers to that question. If they mark you wrong for that, report it.


Scissors is an obligate plural, similar to glasses, pants, pajamas, shorts.


Dan waarom niet De schaar zijn geel...?!! Dan snap ik hij is meervoud


'De schaar' is singular, hence 'is'.

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