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"Don't cry anymore, Max; I'm here now."

Translation:Ne pleure plus Max, je suis là maintenant.

June 10, 2020



Oh dear- je suis maintenant ici sounds better to my ear!


The use of "là" here might be related to the emotional situation in the sentence above (although I am not %100 sure). I guess "là" (meaning "here" instead of "there") is more often used in emotional situations because I often hear "là" being used in French songs trying to convey the meaning "I am here, it's okay".


As a French native speaker, I would rather put the location complement before the temporal complement ("ici maintenant" / "là maintenant") in this kind of sentence. I don't know why but it seems more natural to me. (Although your sentence is not ungrammatical...) And I would also use "là" rather than "ici": I think that "là" is more used in the spoken French - and yes, "là" also has an emotional connotation, I think you would more likely use it than "ici" when you refer to a place to which you relate somehow. "ici" seems more formal, and therefore less natural...


in the previous sentence voila was used for here as in here is ... so why would the following be marked wrong? ne pleure plus max je suis voilà maintenant

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