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"Talk about your feelings, and you're going to feel better."

Translation:Parle de tes sentiments et tu vas te sentir mieux.

June 10, 2020



Why can’t vous be used throughout this sentence rather than tu?


You can use vous, but you would have to use the 2nd person of the plural, you would get: "Parlez de vos sentiments et vous vous sentirez mieux".


Thanks for responding so promptly. I notice that you used the future tense for sentir whereas I used the future proche in my response. So from memory I wrote parlez de vos sentiments et vous allez vous sentir mieux. Re-looking at my response it does appear clumsy which is perhaps why the future tense is preferred.


No - futur proche is just fine. I believe it conveys a greater sense of certainty than the futur simple, which is probably appropriate here.


I find the distinction between "parler de" and "parler a" to be subtle. Both have been use to translate "talk about".


On parle de quelque chose : on parle à quelqu'un.


Why not: "Parlez de votre sentiments et vous allez vous sentir mieux


You can and it is accepted


If you can use parlez, why not parles de.....?


The imperative is parle, not parles


Carl, Thanks. But, is it really an imperative or simply a statement?


As it stands it is an imperative. If you want it as a statement it would have to be conditional eg. Si tu parlais de tes sentiments tu irais te sentir mieux. But although it conveys the sense of the English phrase I doubt Duo would accept it as accurate translation.


Interesting. I will digest.

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