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Dutch course: heavy accent in pronounciation

Hi there,

Awesome news that the Dutch course is in beta; however I (as a native Dutch speaker) am not that content with the voice you have used. I sounds very weird and is almost as if it has been pronounced by a German. The accent is heavy and makes it hard sometimes to understand, even for native Dutch.

Is this something that still can be addressed?



July 31, 2014



There are a few places where words are mispronounced but the accent is generally fine. I'm actually really happy with the voice. It's pretty much the accent you'd expect from someone reading a news broadcast.


Hoi Martijn! According to the Dutch course moderators, there were some technical difficulties with the voice they wanted to use, so they have this one instead. They're aware that it's not ideal. Lavinae discusses it further in point #4 here: www.duolingo.com/comment/3732459.


Ah ok, that explain it. Yes it does sound a bit like the former queen :) Good to know that they will address it!


It's amusing to pretend it's actually her instructing Duolingers on schildpadden and neushoorns and teaching us how to say hello :)


What could be wrong with the Queens speech:)!


Well, it's not common speech. ;)

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