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"Wij kwamen tien minuten te laat."

Translation:We arrived ten minutes late.

July 31, 2014



So is this means too late or just late? Too late in my area would have the implied meaning that you can no longer do something.

"We wanted to take the class but we were ten minutes too late"

Or does it mean too late but a different meaning in Dutch?


Your example sentence with and without "too" would both be translated with "te laat" and you can thus not distinguish the different meanings.

However, without the "ten minutes" clause you have two options: "we waren [te] laat" means "we were [too] late".


Warum we need 'te'?


"Wij kwamen 10 minuten te laat." should be counted as correct as well


No it shouldn't. People are here to learn new words. Abbreviations might seem convenient but they hurt a person's learning process.


Well they are counted correctly in other courses such as Portuguese. Why should this be treated differently.

Also by counting them "wrong" I think you punish them too much, whereas they DID understand it. In my opinion it is even less "wrong" than making a mistake with an accent. And making a mistake with an accent is usually accepted with a notice. I suggest the same is done here.


Thank you for the suggestion. Your sentence is incorrect according to the most common guidelines for Dutch though. Numbers that are written in full are:

  • Numbers up till twenty; een, twee, drie... twintig
  • Multiplications of ten up till one hundred; so tien, twintig, dertig... honderd
  • Multiplications of hundred up till thousand; honderd, tweehonderd, driehonderd... duizend.
  • Multiplications of thousand up till twelve thousand; duizend, tweeduizend, drieduizend... twaalfduizend.
  • Words like miljoen, miljard, biljoen ... etc.


What's the point in learning numbers in another language if you're not going to learn to spell them?


I am on the same side as Lenkvist, actually.

However, in other courses both the words written out and the numbers themselves are accepted. The only reason why our course doesn't accept both is because we have to manually include them and we may forget to do so here or there. The feature or shortcut that includes both the written words and numbers is yet to be implemented for beta courses.

I'll add the number as well, but remember that it's better to simply report a translation when you think it should be accepted. We can then deal with the report in this sytem right away. Next time, or hypothetically, if you have a more general comment about the inclusion of numbers in our course, you can start a separate thread. :)


Maybe it would be better to first tell people that they are required to write out numbers in Dutch up till twenty. After that you can start considering whether numerals for higher numbers are desirable.



got it ;) So next time I simply only press the "My translation should be accepted" button, and thats it? Is there any way to give feedback to you then?

Also cool that they are added ;)


Yup, that's all. :)

If you have questions or feedback regarding the general implementation of certain alternative translations, you can start a new thread or ask one of us on our profile.

In other cases, it is better if users simply use the report button. This is because of two reasons.

First, we have to keep these sentence discussions focused on the sentence itself.

Second, we receive so many reports and comments, it's difficult to process them all, especially if there's a lengthy explanation or feedback attached to them. This is why it's easier for us to simply deal with the reports themselves and judge whether they are legitimate or not.

Now, if you find that there is a consistent mistake in the course or something you disagree with (or you see/suspect that your alternative is not being accepted, by not receiving a confirmation email), then you can start a new thread or, better yet, contact us personally and we can investigate and get back to you. :)


Awesome!!! Thanks for the elaborate explanation! I'll follow your instructions :) Btw, you guys did an awesome job!!! Petje af ;)


Bedankt en graag gedaan!! ^_^


I think Dutch and English are very similar. It really looks like," We came ten minutes too late." Just spelled a little differently.


We arrived = Wij kwamen aan:

Wij kwamen tien minuten te laat aan.

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