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Problem with Duolingo for Schools

I recently received this email from one of my students. I have tried implementing Duolingo for Schools tasks into my weekly lesson plans, but he is having a major issue which I have outlined below.

Here is what he said:

"Hi sir. I have some concerns regarding my Duolingo for Schools work. First is that you may have noticed that I have not done a lot of work. The reason for that is due to a feature that Duolingo for Schools has in place. After 5 mistakes it will not let me continue on with any other work or lessons. It says that I must pay like $5 to get unlimited "hearts" to continue to learn. Second, due to the payment options, I have been getting spammed with emails hourly to pay for the premium, to do the work, and that I haven't done the work. To try to get rid of the emails, I have tried to unsubscribe from the emails but they keep reappearing. They are now categorized as spam. I don't know if this is just me, but do you know if there is a solution to this?"

Can anyone please let me know if this is true? I was under the impression that Duolingo for Schools was not subject to these fees due to falling under the education side of its business.

Any help would be greatly appreciated for someone like myself who is just a language teacher trying to adapt to this entirely new teaching situation. I have emailed Duolingo support and have not received any help, so I decided to ask here.

June 10, 2020




Students enrolled in a Duolingo for Schools classroom should either have unlimited hearts (on iOS), or no hearts at all (on Android). You and your student should make sure that the account they're using is properly enrolled in your classroom.

In their settings under Progress Sharing it should list your classroom and your email address.

In the app, the name of your classroom should be listed under Settings → Progress Sharing.

If they are properly enrolled, you may try removing them from your classroom and sending them the invite link again. (This does mean you will have to re-assign any pending assignments.)

(You need at least 60 XP in any course to be able to reply to forum comments.)


In the Hearts tab, there should be a toggle for students to have a free health shield once their hearts run out.

I'll look for your inquiry so that I can discuss this in greater detail.

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