"Are you sure this is a recipe with pork?"

Translation:Tu es sûre que c'est une recette avec du porc ?

June 10, 2020

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Why not au porc? I can't figure out when it's avec or au or a la...


"au porc" focuses on the taste more than the ingredients, it always depends on the context of course and "recette au porc" is not wrong, but whereas you will often hear "gâteau au chocolat", "soupe à l'oignon" or "sauce aux champignons", you will rarely see "recette au porc"...


I thought it was "sûr."


Isn't there a more general problem here with the use of the word "recipe" in English? We usually use recipe to refer to the list of ingredients and cooking instructions for a dish. We wouldn't describe the food we are eating as a "recipe". We might say "Are you sure this is a dish made with pork".


They are talking about the recipe.


Why "sûre" and not "sûr"?

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    Why cant i use vous. Youre so frustrating


    You can.

    If you're asking this to a waitress in a restaurant, that would be "vous".


    Why use "avec du porc"?


    In French you can't just say "avec porc". You need an article. "du" translates to "some" and porc is masculine.


    Surely the correct English for this is "Are you sure it's a recipe with pork"? However, I was asked for "Are you sure this is a recipe with pork" and to denote the "this" I felt I had to write "celle-ci" (referring to "la recette"). Got marked wrong!


    vous instead of tu should be correct


    Shouldn't this be in subjonctif? "Tu sûre que ce soit une recette avec du porc" - would this be accepted?


    I think it is acceptable, it is a matter of context, if you have no reason to doubt about the fact and you are just asking for a confirmation, indicatif is probably better... if you really express a doubt, subjonctif.

    For this particular sentence, subjonctif sounds weird to me, I guess I never heard or read the "tu es sûr que ce soit" form.


    Yes. As a statement, it is not subjunctive, but once you make it a question, it becomes subjunctive. However you would still have to begin the question with "Tu es sûr que..." to be correct. (You forgot "es".)

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