"La mort des abeilles est le sujet de votre film."

Translation:The death of bees is the subject of your film.

June 10, 2020

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I heard "l'amour des abeilles" instead :0


L'amour is pronounced lamoor, like moo for the cow, not lamore


la mort d'abeille et le sujet de votre film. wrong. How do we know it's pleural?


Bonjour David, if you listen carefully you can hear the 's' in des before abeilles. That is what indicates plurality. Hope that helps?

I'm curious as to why it is La mort and not La mortE!

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and in sentence's david : it is "est" (verb) not "et" (prĂ©position)... et for you "morte" is an adjective... we can say "la morte" but when the noun isn't tell : il y a deux abeilles sur ma fenĂȘtre, la morte est celle qui ne bouge plus (l'abeille morte est celle qui ne bouge plus... ) to avoid repetition "abeille".


Simply because "mort" is already a feminine noun and doesn't have an "e" on the end of it. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/mort


Who is saying this? Perhaps a media studies teacher giving out the next assignment to the students? Otherwise one would hope that the film-maker would be quite aware of the subject of their film and would not need to be reminded!


I've noticed Duo loves to tell people things they know already. Perhaps this is a French thing lol


This skill is "The Interview", remember?

It's meant to be the interviewer telling the viewers/listeners what the subject of her guest's film is.


In the context of a film subject/title like this we would keep the definite article even though this is a generalisation:
" 'The death of the bees' is the subject of your film."

As it stands, some users are probably being led to mistake "des" for a plural indefinite article and not "de + les".


Movie no, film yes! No!


Some strange sentences in this module.


so its the death of ALL bees? Is that why using some bees makes the answer wrong? as in the death of some bees is the subject of your film.


Yes, their fast-approaching extinction. And presumably the film also touches upon the cataclysmic famines that will bring about.

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