"Je crois que j'ai déjà tous les ingrédients."

Translation:I think I already have all the ingredients.

June 10, 2020

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What is wrong with "I think that I've already got all the ingredients"?


See comment below. Yes, there is nothing wrong with putting a "that" in there. Duolingo, get your act together.


I believe that I already have all the ingredients. Should be accepted.


It is accepted nowadays.


What a very irritating voice


I was correct. But why is the it that - if we are translating to English - I think that I already have all the ingredients. granted that is unnecessary but right or wrong English people say it. And isn't que seen as that in French? Just bugs me.

Moving on...........


Actually I probably would not bother with"already" either but to each his own. Already would be understood.


As so often Duo is marking wrong because of "already" position in English... it's not an English course!


So are you suggesting that we should not be required to put it in the position equivalent to the French sentence or that you don't understand that the positioning affects the meaning in English?


I wrote "I think I have already all the ingredients" while Duo's solution is "I think I already have all the ingredients"and I don't understand why my answer was rejected.


Your response is not really wrong, but Duo's version is more accurate (and therefore better) because the adverb modifies the verb in the same way that the French sentence does.


Thank you for your precision. That's however precisely my point: my answer in English is not wrong and still not accepted though it's not an English course but a French one.


My guess is that you failed to "convince" the computer program that you understood that "déjà" was modifying "avoir" and not the sentence as a whole.

It's your comprehension of the French that it is trying to measure, not your competence in English.

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