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  5. "I'm lending it to them."

"I'm lending it to them."

Translation:Je le leur prête.

June 10, 2020



Tell how we can discern whether the pronoun is male or female


does leur agree with "it" or plural people being leant to? In other words why is it leur and not leurs?


Here leurs is an indirect object pronoun (to them), and not a possessive adjective (their), although they happen to be written the same: so it doesn't agree with anything in this case and stays 'leur'.


La is also accepted


What's confusing is sometimes the order is I it them am lending, but previously the order was I you it am lending. So why does the order change, if this question makes sense to anyone? Just when I thought I had the order down, it reverses.


So here's an example, the order is that I'm lending IT to THEM. Previously, the sentence was Il ne veut pas me le prêter. Now the order is He doesn't want to lend ME IT. Can someone explain why? I'm sure it has to do with in infinitive at the end of the sentence, but I don't know why.

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