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"Ik gaf haar klompen voor haar verjaardag."

Translation:I gave her clogs for her birthday.

July 31, 2014



Yes! Just what she wanted!


apparently it wont accept, wooden shoes. only clogs is acceptable


klompen = clogs

houten schoenen = wooden shoes

Each term has its own acceptable literal translation, so we don't necessarily treat them as completely synonymous. Wooden shoes can be any kind of shoe made out of wood. Clogs are a specific type.


(houten) klompen = wooden shoes (in British English).

So LongHenry wrote in BE, which we also learned in Dutch at secondary school. No idea what other types of wooden shoes might exist, and as far as I'm concerned you say "wooden clogs" for the traditional Dutch wooden clogs (which, by the way, are still worn by e.g. farmers), but only "clogs" can also be plastic clogs, so......

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