"They will not be sleeping tonight."

Translation:Cha bhi iad a' cadal a-nochd.

June 11, 2020

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This says I have a typo for not putting an apostrophe after an a but it was a tabs selection question and there wasn't an à to choose. Sorry to be nitpicky.


Yeah, it’s a common Duolingo problem – it knows the apostrophe is required and will mark a typo if it’s not there – but then it generally ignores punctuation and doesn’t give you an option to input it… Nothing the Gaelic course volunteers can do about it unless the Duolingo staff changes its software to handle that better.


Thank you, I felt silly pointing it out.


Is a-nochd really incorrect or just a duolingo glitch? Says no hyphen


What do you mean? Why would you think it is incorrect? a-nochd is exactly what’s in the expected answer! (Look at the top of the discussion, at the line ‘Translation: Cha bhi iad a' cadal a-nochd.’) It’s definitely correct.

If you have a build a sentence out of tiles type of exercise – Duolingo software generates the tiles out of sentences by ignoring the punctuation, so you might have tiles a and separately nochd – but it doesn’t mean the hyphen is wrong, it just means Duolingo ignores it.

Certainly Duolingo shouldn’t tell you that the hyphen is wrong.


It had "a-nochd" as a tile and "a" and "nochd." It counted "a-nochd" incorrect. In other instances similar to this it seems to have taken both the hyphenated or 2 tiles no hyphen, though I almost always use the hyphenated version. This time it said the hyphenated was wrong so I figured it was a glitch.


Oh, that’s weird. Yeah, looks like a glitch. Especially since the default answer has hyphenated a-nochd.


I got another like this. I don't think it counted it as incorrect. It just notified me of a typo and told me without a hyphen is what I should have written.


this is so annoying! There are to "a" tiles to choose from. Neither of them has an apostrophe! so I pick one. EVERY time I do this, it's wrong. How are we supposed to know! Duo should start either putting apostrophe's on tiles, or accepting just "a" as valid.


On the tile-selection version it is the voice of the young girl on the 'Cha' tile. However, she says 'Hish' instead...? Is this a dialect alternative or is it a definite error?


Correct solution: Cha bhi iad a' cadal a-nochd.

I PICKED Cha bhi iad a cadal a-nochd note I wrote I picked. THis question is a chose the correct words to make the sentence, you do not supply an a' for the cadal. ergo one has to pick what is available. That is the only thing I see that is different between the "correct answer" and the sentence I made by picking the available words


I chose the 'a-nochd' together bubble - why does it insist on two bubbles first 'a' second 'nochd'?


Yeah i have the same problem with a' cadal when all i can put is a cadal. I dont have another option when picking from this selection


My textbook says the dependent form of to be is bi??? not bhi


It is. And your textbook probably also says somewhere that cha(n) lenites the following verb (except, generally, verbs starting in t or d).

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