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Problem with offline mode (iOS)

I wanted to know if there's a way in which my progress does not get erased after going back online. My stream shows the learned units but my tree does not count them. This happens every single time. Thanks

July 31, 2014



I think something is wrong with the syncing. I used to be able to do lessons offline and they would sync when I reached wi-fi again, but not anymore.


The same happened to me, I could do even 3 or more complete lessons offline, now I cannot do a single exercise. Well, I hope this gets some fixing since I see that I'm not alone.


I was only able to complete offline (Spanish) lessons before I finished my tree, but not I cannot do anything. I assume it still works for Portuguese, but there doesn't seem to be any data syncing.


I'm like in basic 2 in the Portuguese tree, both from English and Spanish and neither works.


Bummer. Can only hope it'll be fixed with the next update.


Ugh, this has happened to me TWICE now in the past month! I complete a lesson/skill on my app (offline), then open up the app when I get home to let it sync, and it DELETES everything!

I've e-mailed Duolingo's support team 3x now, and NEVER received a response. I am NOT happy.

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