"Dè an obair a th' agad, a Mhàiri?"

Translation:What work do you have, Mairi?

June 11, 2020

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My first answer to this was 'What work do you do, Mary?" This was marked as incorrect, but (in Australian English at least) it is more common than 'What work do you have, Mary'.

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Agree, am not sure if this translation means "What work are you doing?" or "Are you looking for people to fill any jobs?"


I put: "What work have you got, Mairi?"... which was also rejected. I feel that these are all equivalent, at least on the level of the meaning of the phrase.


This sounds very odd to me. Surely the better way to ask would be "what work do you do?"


Bruidhinn nas slaodaiche, a charaid.

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