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Have a heart - 2nd chance before counted wrong - sometimes?

There are times in Italian learning (and I'm sure in all the languages offered here on Duolingo) where learners are asked to translate a sentence that is slightly idiomatic, or requires an intuitive leap, etc. You know what I mean. There's are always 6 or 7 comments below these sentences, many complaining, others surprised.

Why not identify these sentences as 2nd chance opportunities. We should be told we're wrong, maybe even provided a hint, similar to what a live teacher would do. We try again. No 3rd chance though.

May 11, 2013



I often find that after failing a lesson, i.e. after losing all the three hearts, it takes me much less time to pass it for the second time, often finishing with all my hearts.

Marking certain sentences as idiomatic would require quite a lot of effort. I'd prefer this effort spent on making hover hints really helpful. After all, if the idiom is translated correctly in the hover hint, we have all the opportunity to translate the whole sentence correctly.


It can be frustrating, but don't lose heart. I think that getting it wrong, and then reading (and perhaps adding to) the upset comments afterwards actually helps you learn. You'll generally get a second chance to look at the phrase, as it will now be flagged as weak for you and Duo-Lingo will bring it back into play in a future practice session.


DL doesn't do a good job with idiomatic expressions. I'm surprised at how many I've seen so far in German. To learn what they mean, we often have to lose a heart. Going through a second time after losing all the hearts is good practice, but it's a hindrance and cuts into study time. I like the idea of a second chance for these, or maybe DL just doing a better job of introducing and explaining them.

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