"We would often remember those good times."

Translation:Nous nous souvenions souvent de ces bons moments.

June 11, 2020

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Why not "de ces bons temps"?


where is "would" in the translation?


Why is the hint insisting on nous nous souvenons, not souvenions? It's driving me nuts!


"Souvenons" is present and "souvenions" imparfait (one of the past tenses). The sentence is correct both ways (but my english knowledge is not strong enough to ensure they both translate "we would often remember those good times").

If you are saying that ten years ago, you spent a lot of time remembering something that was older, you say "nous nous souvenions".

If you are just saying that now, you often spend times remembering things, you say "nous nous souvenons".


Isn't the english sentence written in conditional mode? If so, wouldn't souvendrons be more accurate?

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