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For, Since and During

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For: Used to express a quantity of time, or the duration of something.

"I have been living here for 8 months"

"I am going to stay here for 1 year"

"How long will you go there for?"

Since : Used to express when something started. Relates to a specific time in the past.

"I have been living here since October"

"Since we met, I have not stopped thinking about you"

"I have know him since I was very young"

During: Used with nouns in order to say what happens inside a period of time.

"During my time here, I have visited a lot of beautiful places."

"I hate when people talk a lot during films."

"I love going to the beach during summer"

Hace 4 años

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Eres perfectamente correcto. ^_^

Hace 4 años


Hi pillowtibers !
a better way would be: "estas en lo cierto" o "tienes razón"

Hace 4 años


Oh, I see! Thank you!

Hace 4 años