"They will get married and adopt twelve dogs."

Translation:Ils se marieront et adopteront douze chiens.

June 11, 2020

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Nice plan!


I wrote: "Ils vont se marier et adopterer douze chiens" and it was accepted. A few questions please: 1. Is the meaning the same as the answer given above or does my answer suggest that they are about to do these activities imminently? 2. Is "adopter" in the infinitive because it is inheriting the vont from the first clause, and is this a common construction in French? Thanks!


I have a similar question. Duo currently accepts, among other possibilities:
"Ils vont se marier et ils vont adopter douze chiens"
"Ils vont se marier et vont adopter douze chiens"
"Ils vont se marier et adopter douze chiens"

Are all of these equally correct, and/or equally conventional in common speech?

PS, Matt - I think you had a typo in your question. Duo would not have accepted "adopterer" ;o)

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