"Elles sont championnes du monde de volleyball !"

Translation:They're world volleyball champions!

June 11, 2020

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"They are the world champions of volleyball" was rejected.

So was "They are volleyball world champions".

I mean, Christ almighty.


Agree. Really maddening. And if you're working with hearts, and you had only one left, you have to repeat the whole lesson. I really get upset when the course plays tricks like this at the end of a lesson!


I've never heard of this sport called "world volleyball". Perhaps they play volleyball and are world champions at it? In which case they're volleyball world champions.

[deactivated user]

    they are world champions of volleyball. NOT wrong!!!!!


    I will continue to learn French despite Duo's attempts to put me off!


    What is wrong withe They're volleyball champions of the world


    This example of Duo's ridiculous pettiness came up immediately after one of his annoying messages saying ".......,.you can do it" Maybe I can, but I'm not sure I can put up with his nonsensical rejections much longer!


    What is wrong with 'They are volley-ball champions of the world'

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