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Differentiation of idiomatic expressions

Going through (in my case) portuguese lessons I've encountered many questions about certain sentence if it is just randomly and literally translated or an idiomatic expression. The idea is to help us differentiate these two (especially to distinguish the first one :). If an idiom appears, it would be great if there was a star or whatnot. Not every sentence is discussed with a ,,native speaker support" so being able to know on our own what is just randomly ,,fabricated sentence" by Duolingo system and what an idiom, would be really helpful. Share your opinions, please :)

May 11, 2013



Sounds useful.


I agree, you often wonder what an earth a Duo-lingo is on about, until you read the discussion and find that it's an idiom.


it makes it easy to remember the idiom if i find it randomly than looking at a long list of them so it's good that they challenge me this way. but it would be nice to show a star or a smiley when this happens so i don't get confused like i always do. good ideea

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