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Does anyone have tips for learning Hindi?

Hello! I have just started learning Hindi on Duolingo, but I'm wondering if anyone could share any other resources they have used to learn Hindi and have found useful? I have started listening to more Hindi music and watching Bollywood films which was the reason I decided to learn this beautiful language- anyone recommend any songs/movies too? Thank You!

June 12, 2020



Learn the script as quickly as possible including diacritical marks. It will help you immensely.

Practice differentiating the different consonants. Some look similar but are very different (for example dental vs. aspirated consonants).

Don't assume a south asian person speaks Hindi.

Learn kid's songs. Tons on the internet.

Learn the gender of the nouns asap.

Best efforts!

PS. If you want to watch something substantive, recent, and a good depiction of the shortcomings of Indian law, check out Delhi Story. Trigger warning, depictions of sexual assault, but it's based on real cases. Sad time for the matrabhumi...


Sorry, but I don't have many tips, but a few movies that I recommend are:



Housefull 4


& Last one: 3 idiots

Thank you :D


These are really nice movies which helped me learn Hindi :)

Nachdi Phira Is also a really nice song from the movie Secret superstar

Edit: This is a useful post for tips: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28223446


Write down what you learn practice and a good text book helped me and Duolingo of course


Hello friend. I'm from India and I know Hindi. In my opinion you could read/listen to small stories of Hindi language. That will help you. If you want to know anything else than this you can ask me. Thank you.


Hey, I would say watching hindi movies with English subtitles is the best way to learn hindi. And there are some songs with are in both English and Hindi (Like-thodi der/stay a little longer) they may be helpful for ya. And imo the notes on Duolingo is a bit confusing so you might wanna have a look on yt on some basic information. It's a really difficult language and it takes time to understand all the cases, gender etc. And watching some series like Breath on Netflix would be great too. Hope it was helpful

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