"Tha trì coin agad."

Translation:You have three dogs.

June 12, 2020

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Can someone explain the difference between Chù and Coin, please - I think they have both been defined as 'dogs'.


Tha dà chù agam. - I have two dogs.

After dà (two) you use the lenited form of cù (dog).

"Gaelic used to maintain quite a distinct 'dual' form when referring to two things only. This has broken down in many ways, but it is still important to know that two things in Gaelic are not regarded as plural. Dà (two), like aon (one), causes lenition on the noun that follows."

Tha trì coin agad. - You have three dogs

After tri etc. you use 'coin' meaning dogs.



I wonder if that might be rooted in the old use of the word "brace". Two are a brace, as in a brace of pheasants for example, and a brace is singular. A bit of a reach?

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