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"Tha i fuar ann am Fionnlainn."

Translation:It is cold in Finland.

June 12, 2020



Unfortunately, a wee mistake was made in Tree 1 so the answer reads as "Tha i fuar ann am Fionnlainn."

The correct translation of this sentence is "Tha i fuar anns an Fhionnlainn."

Finland is An Fhionnlainn in Gaelic, and not 'Am Fionnlainn'. Sorry for the confusion, but both will be accepted here, and it will be fixed in Tree 2 :)


Why isn't this anns am fionnlainn?


anns am Fionnlainn would not be correct. It could be anns an Fhionnlainn (actually I’d expect this answer), as the definite article in dative always causes lenition.

The country name is typically an Fhionnlainn (with definite article, lit. the Finland) but if it is used without the article, as just Fionnlainn then in Finland is ann am Fionnlainn (no definite article here, just in Finland where ann am just means in).

I am not sure how common is the usage of the name without the article. I personally would stick to an Fhionnlainn and anns an Fhionnlainn.

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