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Ooh, la, la!!! Thank you Duolino.

Post trip feedback. We just returned from our first one week trip to France (Paris). Using Duolingo helped to make our trip so much more enjoyable. I could order food, ask for directions, shop, and understand some French conversations. I could read signs and menus, and engage waiters and French speaking people in conversation during our tours of the city, museum visits, and Giverney (Monet's home).

In Paris, we had the famous Mount Blanc dessert at Angelina's on the Rue de Rivoli near the Louvre. A very stiff and formal maitre'd was initially cool to us until I placed our order n French. Then he came over to joke with us about some spilled bottled water on the tablecloth asking my spouse (in French) who spilled that water? He saw my spouse do it, but alas she had no idea what his words meant, other that he looked upset and stern. I told him that I did it (in French), where upon he broke out a table cleaning brush and scooped up the 3-4 droplets and smiled. Later as we left he came over to talk to us about our trip in perfect English.

The second and third week of our trip were spent in Hamburg Germany visiting our Russian speaking relatives. My spouse had studied Russian, but neither of us had prepared for speaking German. What a difference even a rudimentary understanding of a foreign language can make.

I plan to continue with French instruction on your website, but at a slower pace. We both will be trying to learn Russian.

Thanks again for setting up your free website. It is fantastic!


August 14, 2012


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