"An t-eun purpaidh."

Translation:The purple bird.

June 13, 2020

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What dialect is this speaker using? I had trouble with the pronunciation of ''t-eun''. To me it sounded more like a soft English ''g'' sound. I typed ''dian'' knowing it was incorrect but I sure couldn't make out ''t-eun'' . In my head I've prounounced it (the ''t-'') with an English ''ch'' sound. I am supposing it is just pronounced differently in different places like most other things. Anyway, does anyone have an idea where the speaker is from?


I also find his pronunciation difficult. Not just in this instance. He seems to have a very 'hard' approach eg cat sounds like gat.


And cu (dog) sounds like gu. But what a lovely deep voice!!


I like this speaker, very good to get some different dialects and pronunciations in so I can get used to words sounding different and don't get stuck with only understanding one dialect! Also gorgeous deep voice!

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