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  5. "The mouse is small."

"The mouse is small."

Translation:De muis is klein.

August 1, 2014



Apparently the adjective drops the e when it comes after the verb. This is not mentioned in the Tips and Hints


Perhaps it wasn't mentioned before, but it certainly is now! The relevant section is titled "Predicate adjectives".


What's the difference between 'klein' and 'kleine'?


You can also go to the Adjective Basics page (the one that lists the lessons) on the web and scroll down a bit to see a "Tips and notes" section with tons of useful information about when to add the 'e'.

You can also access this text if you're on the web by clicking the subtle, grey "Tips and notes" link in the upper left corner while you're working on an "Adjective Basics" lesson.


Sorry a quick question whay what is the difference between Klein and kleine?


De kleine muis - It gets the ending "e" as it comes before a "de" word (de muis). De muis is klein - Here, "klein" is a predicate adjective, so it does not get the ending "e", since it comes after the verb "to be": In Dutch, predicate adjectives don’t get any ending.


is it possible to say "de klein muis"?


De kleine muis.

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