"We will have dinner every evening at the restaurant."

Translation:Nous dînerons tous les soirs au restaurant.

June 13, 2020

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Why can't we use the word 'resto' here?


why "tous les soirs" and not "chaque soir"?


Can it be 'dans le restaurant" instead of "au restaurant"


You would think so - in other lessons, Duo has insisted on "dans le restaurant"


dans le restaurant = in the restaurant

au restaurant = at the restaurant

In this context you would say you are eating at a/the restaurant/au restaurant). "Au restaurant" isn't very specific when it comes to the restaurant or the location in or out of the restaurant, whereas "dans le restaurant" is specific to inside the restaurant.

Regardless of grammar and duolingo, the most common way to express eating at a restaurant in French is saying "au restaurant" ("on va au resto"), whereas "dans le" is not very common.


Thank you, Manyable!


Can someone explain the difference between "tous les soirs" in this sentence vs. "tes soirées" in another exercise:

"Tu passeras tes soirées dans les bars" - You will spend your evenings in the bars.

I was apparently unclear in my wording. For all the reading I've done on the matter, it is still unclear to my mind how to make the distinction between when to use "le soir" or "la soirée."


"tes soirées" refers specifically to YOUR evenings ("tes").

Tous les soirs = Every evening (translates literally to "all the evenings")

Tes soirées = Your evenings


Thanks for replying. I updated my post to clarify what I'm having difficulty with.


oh, I see, sorry! There isn't a big difference between "soir" and "soirées" (they technically both mean "evening"). "Soirée" refers to the evening in terms of duration (so when you emphasize the length of time), whereas "soir" is the time of day. In many cases you can use either (you could say "tu passeras tes soirs dans les bars"), but that isn't always the case. "Nous dînerons toutes les soirées au restaurant" is incorrect for instance, because here you are referring specifically to the time of day when you will have dinner. You can also use "soirée" when referring to a specific event that will happen in the evening (like a dinner, a date, a party).

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