"Tu apporteras un dessert au chocolat demain soir ?"

Translation:Will you bring a chocolate dessert tomorrow evening?

June 13, 2020

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'Are you bringing...' wasn't accepted. Isn't it the same as 'Will you bring...' in this context?


"Are you bringing" is "Tu apportes" (present tense). Even though the two tenses are effectively interchangeable in this particular context, I think it is reasonable for Duo to expect you to demonstrate that you both recognise and respect the choice of tense that the speaker made when composing his sentence.


I suppose but "are you bringing?" is much better and more polite English and obviously refers to the future, so I agree that are you bringing should be accepted


Well I guess "Will you be bringing … ?" would address that concern but Duo rarely remembers to accept the future continuous even though it should be as universally accepted as present continuous.

"Will you be bringing … ?" should be reported if I am correct that it is not yet accepted.

In fact, IMHO, it should be the default translation.


Agree, "Are you bringing" has the same meaning. Reported also.


Same meaning, but not same set of words. Est-ce que tu ... = Are you ...


Does everyone hear this in a voice of a very drunk young woman?


"will you take..." is a perfectly acceptable translation


Agreed, report it.

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