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'iad' as a singular pronoun

Can 'iad' be used the same way 'they' is used in English - as both a plural pronoun and a gender neutral singular pronoun? Or is it only used as a plural? I would imagine non-binary gaelic speakers would still use it as a singular pronoun regardless but can't find any discussion of this online.

June 13, 2020

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Seo agaibh lionc le barrachd fhiosrachaidh air briathrachas LGDT sa Ghaidhlig: https://gaelic.co/gay-gaelic/ (Here's a link with more information on LGBT vocabulary in Gaelic)

"Iad" is used more or less the same way that "they" is an English. It is used when they gender of the person being discussed is unknown so could be used to refer to someone with a non-binary identity also, yes.

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