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"There are too many people in the station."

Translation:C'è troppa gente nella stazione.

May 11, 2013



I think it should be ci sono


Depends on what word you used for 'people' a plural or a single.

Ci sono persone / C'e gente


I used 'ci sono persone' but it was rejected.


Should be "ci sono troppe persone.."


Wait! Why is it "nella stazione" here, but in allll the other sentences I've seen there was NO definite article before "stazione" like just plain old "in stazione". In another sentence when I mistakenly put "nella stazione", I was marked wrong for not writing "in stazione" What did I miss? Please help!


I agree kay , I've always used "in" with stations and suddenly I'm told nella. Can't find an explanation as to why


What's wrong with " troppo gente" rather than "troppe persone?" Anyone?


"Gente" is a feminine singular noun. You need to change troppo to "troppA" as it varies with gender and number.


Well, not exactly. It's a plural word, but used like singular to refeer a lot of people in general.


Ci sono vs C'è...both are accepted in this one. I tried to figure out why, and the best I could find is http://learnitalianwithlucrezia.com/2013/01/21/ce-ci-sono-there-is-there-are/

In this case, ci sono would be the right one as it means "there are" vs c'è for "there is" and doesn't fit the plural object


Ci sono is correct with persone... c'è would be appropriate with gente... hope that clears it up :)


Thanks! It DOES clear things up.


I get really fed up with DL chopping and changing on IN stazione or ALLA stazione. I really do not see why they have marked me incorrect on 'in stazione'. There seems no rhyme or reason to this. GRRRR.


My understanding is that the article 'lo' is used with words beginning with s + consonant. What gives?


For masculine nouns…it would be lo + s + consonant. Stazione is a female noun though it gets la stazione.


Why is it troppa gente for too many people in the station and troppe persone for too many people in the park?


I noticed that both "in stazione" and "nella stazione" are accepted... is one more normal?


C'è troppa gente alla stazione. There are too many peole at the station


Why is "Ci sono troppe persone nella stazione" incorrect ?


so the verb "people" is singular then? Cause its troppA not troppE? People is "many person(s)" though so it seems plural...


"people" is a noun, not a verb. There are two words for "people".

"la gente" is a collective noun (and feminine and singular) so you use "troppa gente" = many people.

"la persona" = the person; "le persone" = the persons / people (and is feminine and plural), so "troppe persone = many people. Hope that helps.


Instead of learning I am just getting very confused and frustrated. How is anyone supposed to know that 'gente' and 'stazione' are girls.


Simple answer: you aren't to know just from looking at them.
(This is a general answer to anyone interested, as the question-asker has since advanced a good way beyond this stage.)
Irregular nouns ending in -e could be either masculine or feminine. There's no particular rhyme or reason as to why a word is one gender or the other (according to Signor Formica, it goes back to the way that Latin words evolved into modern Italian).
The only way to know is to look the word up in an English-Italian dictionary. After doing this a few times eventually you remember it.
Having a decent dictionary website or app is an essential supplement to using Duolingo. Unfortunately DL's own online dictionary is (at time of writing) somewhat short on detail.


Why in this case are troppe persone and troppa gente both accepted ?


Not understanding your question. Why wouldn't the various ways to say 'too many people' work here?

persone - persons = people and gente - people


Who isn't it troppe?


Actually, molto/a means "much" or "many", but troppo/a means "too much", or "too many".


Perché non "C'è molta gente nella stazione "?


I said ci sono... Why is this wrong?


Again! Why is "persone" in the hints but not accepted with Ci sono troppe?


please, someone, tell me how to know when to use ci soon or C'e[e with accent]


C'è = there is (something-singular) Ci sono = there are (somethings-plural)

Duo is being tricky with this one. Do you say there 'is' or 'are'? It all depends on what word you use for 'people'. Persone - a plural for persons, or people; vs gente - a singular reflecting an entity/group of people.

C'è troppa gente nella stazione. Note troppa is singular, and feminine since gente is singular and feminine.

Ci sono troppe persone nella stazione We need troppe in its plural form as persone is plural.


why c'e instead of ci sono? Please help


What's wrong with "Ci sono"??


It makes me angry when Duo gives consistently wrong hints above!


Sound not working here


Ci sono should be accepted

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