Verbs modal

A lot more exercises and fuller notes and tips are needed for this section Peggy white

May 11, 2013


I have no idea what this exercise is about. It is not a verb tense I have ever heard of and need someplace to go to learn more. More exercises and more explanation in this section please. If someone can help, I would totally appreciate it.

Yes, I think Spanish "Verbs: Modal" needs to be split into at least 10 lessons. I've been stuck on the second lesson for two weeks now, and I know that if I ever do pass it, I won't have learned it, because there seems to be at most one example sentence for each form of the verb.

This lesson seems to have too many concepts all mixed together, as well as some ambiguous examples, and to add to the confusion it accepts some incorrect responses. I've been through the tree many times and still fail this one sometimes :-/ This lesson, together with the subjunctive and condition lessons, would greatly benefit from a redesign.

Yup. I'm on my third or fourth time through refreshing my bars on the thing and it's still a complete mystery. This lesson is desperately in need of some tips and a better structured set of exercises, rather than just throwing sentences at us and hoping it eventually sinks in.

Does this section actually have any explaination anywhere about what it is, there is a mixture of imperfect and conditional tenses, none of which have been taught in previous sections...

Yes I keep getting massacred on this lesson because I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

I agree as well. I have done this section more than once, but I still have no idea when to use it, how to use the verb tenses and why is it used in the first place.

I absolutely agree.

I have never heard of "modal" verbs.....what does it mean?

Oh, my heavens, I'm completely lost with this section! I've been to a few other sites also and am not getting any clearer on this concept. I'm adding my voice to the list of those pleading for help.

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