"This is light blue."

Translation:Tha seo liath.

June 13, 2020

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Until now "this is" was "seo". Now it is "tha seo". Explanation? I would guess that "seo" on its own needs a noun but it would be nice if there were some explanation.


This has been explained in the Seo vs Tha seo discussion (and under several other similar sentences), so I won’t repeat the explanation here too.

But it seems you would guess right – the short answer is that they are completely different ‘is’ words in Gaelic, tha is the present substantive verb and seo on its own encompasses the copula is – and those verbs are not interchangeable. The substantive verb bi (tha in pres. tense) is used only when the predicate is not a noun (most commonly an adjective or a prepositional phrase) and the copula is typically used with nouns.

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