"The cook has a grill."

Translation:Il cuoco ha una griglia.

May 11, 2013

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What was wrong with saying "La cuoca ha una griglia" ?


Nothing wrong with your answer. Well done! You've spotted a problem. It needs reporting so over to you to do this and you can look forward to a nice thank you e-mail from one of the team.


Actually there is nothing indicating that the cook is female. In that case the masculine form is the way to go. In translating this as "la cuoca", I'd expect it to be clear from the context and this is not the case (maybe the cook is a male). I think "il cuoco" is the correct answer here, otherwise all other sentences would need to accept the female form and this would give the incorrect idea that the 2 forms are interchangeable at will.


I'll just thank both of you here for catching the problem and for the lovely suggestion :) Fixed!


Came here for this!


I can't really grasp when and when not to use "una" and "un" in a sentence. Can anyone help?


"un" if male "Una" if female


But you arent akways talking about a person in sentences. So some objects in the Italian language are considered "male or female" In most of the cases, the words will follow this rule: If it ends in A then you use una, but if it ends in O, then it is un.


Did you know that you can tap/click on the underlined dotted word and see what the word is/means?!


What is the difference between "un" and "una"


Why is it 'una griglia' not 'un griglia'


Una is feminine and griglia is also feminine. Hope that makes sense


I have answered correctly 5 times and still no passes. Please fix this question


What is griglie which Italian spell check suggests?


My answer is perfect The cook has a girll -> Il cuoco ha una griglia

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