"I'm lucky to live by the ocean."

Translation:J'ai de la chance d'habiter au bord de l'océan.

June 13, 2020

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I used vivre instead of habiter. What is the difference?


"Habiter" specifically refers to living in the context of living in a location. "Vivre" usually refers to living in the context of how or when, rather than where, or just living in general, like the biological process. "Vivre" can also refer to living in a location, but it's not as common and carries a slightly different connotation than "habiter". For example, "J'habite au bord de l'océan" simply means that I reside by the ocean, like my house is by the ocean. "Je vis au bord de l'océan" means more broadly that my existence, activities, house, maybe my job, etc. are by the ocean.


Thank you for the care you take with your responses. They are always amazingly helpful!


You're welcome, I appreciate the kind feedback!


Thank you for your response. The two are certainly not interchangeable given you explanation. Now to file that away and remember in the future..easier said than done sometimes.


Goodness how did I miss your response. Certainly the two are not interchangeable based on the information you have provided. I shall file that away and hope to be able to recall it in the future...easier said than done sometimes.


"J'ai la chance d'habiter au bord de l'océan." is also accepted.

Although the basic expression is "avoir de la chance", I think that "avoir la chance de" is more common than "avoir de la chance de".


Why d' before habiter


Because it's "J'ai de la chance de …".


Je suis chanceux ok?


It should be. But it's not used as frequently as "j'ai de la chance".

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