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Freeze streak didn't work/bugged?

Yesterday (31.07.2014) at 23:55 I purchased freeze streak as I knew i wouldn't be able to complete a lesson of Portuguese in such short time.

I woke up today morning to find out that my Portuguese streak is 0 days :(, even though it should be 88 days.

Now, weirdly enough, on my phone when I completed a lesson in another language (I have shorter streaks still in other languages) it congratulated me with 88 days streak (the language menu still displays portuguese streak as 1).

On the web version of duolingo my streak is still 88 as well. Shouldn't streak be language specific?

I used windows 7/chrome to purchase streak freeze (if it matters at all) Also, I had to do it through web version (N/A in mobile app), I normally use mobile app to complete duolingo lessons

August 1, 2014



The way the streak freeze works is it only freezes your overall streak, not your language streak. For the most part, this doesn't mean anything because DL is currently getting rid of all ways you can see your individual language streak. On both the iOS and web version of DL, you cannot see your Language Streak, you can only see your Overall streak.
So my assumption is you are using Android on your phone, and that is how you saw your individual language streak? Or you have coach mode enabled on you iOS, in which case the streak freeze doesn't work because coach mode requires a certain amount of points each day.
In general though, I wouldn't worry about it. Soon enough you won't even be able to see your individual streak on any device, and anyone looking at your profile will only see the 88 day overall streak.


yes, im using Android. thank you

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