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Assigning activities

Hi I just love this app! I am using both for my personal learning as well as teaching to others. I have purchased it and am promoting it for others to purchase.

I would like to know how can I assign activity outside duolingo checkpoints? e.g. if I have a vocabulary list which is in PDF and I want them to go through that, and I plan a test on that, how can I do it? Also if there is another video on you tube linked with the topic they are studying, which I want to share with them, how can I do it?

And if I come up with my own test how can I upload it ?

Please let me know ! Thanks in advance!

June 14, 2020



Unfortunately, sharing and posting activities outside of the Duolingo course is not available on Duolingo for Schools and will likely not be. If you want to share these with your students, a Google Classroom is probably the best way to do it.


Thank you. How about sharing the tinycard as assignment ? Is that possible?


Assigning Tinycards assignments is also not available. If you didn’t know already, Tinycards will be shutting down in September. It is explained in this forum post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/39200018.


www.lingvist.com supports classrooms with your own vocabulary.

www.memrise.com supports user-created courses.


You need a learning management system. Are you associated with a school? If so, your school will have preferred methods for communicating with students.

If not, you have a wealth of possibilities in this golden age of interwebs. Some ideas: Google classrooms, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Canvas I believe has a free version, maybe Schoology does too, good ol' fashioned e-mail... Heck, you could make a Facebook page or an Instagram or a Tumblr.

Hope this helps!


Currently, this isn't possible but it is a request that I feel would be very popular.

I'll add this to my list of suggested Schools features.

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