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Cherokee Language Course

I would love to see a Cherokee course their is a Navajo but my connection to Native Americans is Cherokee if we can have the other Native language course I want a Cherokee course so I can speak the language of my Native American family

June 14, 2020



I would bring this up with Ryan MacKey at CNO or Bo Taylor at EBCI. I think either of them might suggest potential volunteers to work of this.


There's an official thread for requesting a Cherokee course here!


Give it an upvote if you're interested.

For requesting a new language in general, see here:


As I understand it, anyone who speaks Cherokee and English can apply to help at the incubator, here:


There's no guarantee that they'll actually make a Cherokee course any time soon, but that's the way to make it more likely. Cherokee also has a different writing system than English, and, especially for rarer languages, it can be difficult to get the interface to work with different writing systems. However, since Duolingo is adding more and more non-Latin-Alphabet courses, there is hope!


Oh, and I should also mention that the people in that thread have some resources for learning Cherokee on your own, so you can get started right away!


I started at DuoLingo looking for Cherokee and Icelandic. Soon I hope! I will Beta test.


I would also like a Cherokee Course!


I have Cherokee and Ho-chunk family members, so I can relate on wanting to learn more Native American languages.

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