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French for a 6-year-old child


I'm teaching French to a 6-year-old child, he has started one month ago (learning from scratchs), and I was wondering if some of you had any advices of what to teach him :-)

He now knows the colours, the numbers, body parts, some animal/food names (mostly taken from some games he has, e.g. memory cards), and also how to ask/answer "Comment vas-tu ?" and "Comment t'appelles-tu ?". He can deal quite easily with new words when he repeats them, but sentences are another story. And since he is very young, I cannot make him write them in a notebook yet, so we only work on the oral part...

What could be fun and easy? Any ideas of technics, subjects, videos, whatever? ;)

Thank you for your help and have a wonderful day! (Of course I'll give lingots for each person helping me!)

June 14, 2020



Maybe Try flash cards, First go easy on him, and make it harder little by little.


Thank you for the advice! I've created some animals ID cards (they have names & favorites colors), so we can play with that, but his mother would like him to be able to speak some sentences rather than knowing a lot of vocabulary, so that's not easy to find the balance! I will do what I can though :D


Maybe make little stories with the animals? Start with using only a few verbs and using the nouns he already knows, that should make learning the verbs easier. Maybe you can teach him positions (above, below, etc) and play games asking him to locate various things (asking the question in french too). It's always gonna be the same sentence, just with different vocabulary each time, so the structure should stick with him easily after a few times.

Also since you've already taught him some food names, you can ask him every day what he ate (in french) and if he liked it etc. I'm sure this is not universal, but I find that food is one of the most interesting topics for me when I'm learning a new language... my stomach rules my life :p


Thanks for the long reply! :o I will try stories, that might be fun! And also the position and location are a good idea, I didn't think about it! I will do the same with food names, that seems a great idea too! (And yes, same for me, food is always an interesting topic :D) Thanks a lot!


Ah, Okay! You're welcome!


when I was a kid I loved challenges like for example when I was 5 okay you can say all the body parts try saying my hand touchs my nose or do a song (I dont know french) but a french song intended for children their are plenty of songs on youtube to have a look at and online games


Yes, gamification is the key! I make him run after some object I say when I see that he needs some fresh air, the problem is more with the sentences, when there are more than two words it's very hard for him to remember it :( Thanks for the advice though, I will try for the songs! :D


Maybe you can review what he has learned so far! Or you can play a game with Him in French.


Yes, we already do that at each lesson (beginning and end of the course) :-) I spend most of the time reviewing, by the way, because he is easily distracted. And of course games keep him motivated! Thanks for the reply :-)


I hope he gets better at learning by you and he will be speaking French better with you!!


You could use props, like put out some plastic fruit, show him the names for each one, and mix them up and have him put them in to the right places corresponding to the right french word.


What do you mean with props? :o


First plz note that children learn things a tad different from adults. We learn languages for practical stuff, like our work, exam or travel… you name it. However, children learn just for fun. So letting the kid know that French is interesting is the first priority. No matter how many words this kid would be able to master, or how much grammar knowledge he or she would know. Again, it's all about interest.

Of course, this kiddie can also follow the most Lingo lessons just like us. But these lessons needs to be slightly tweaked.

【Vocabulary】 Vocabulary Difficulty in accordance with the parts of speech (in my own experience)

Nouns < Verbs < Adjectives and Adverbs

At this age, complex and abstract words may be a little bit hard for this kid (most of them are adjectives). So focus more on the nouns and verbs, which are relatively easy. Flash cards and games help kid remember the words.

【Grammar】 Grammar might be a shade tough for this 6-year-old. It involves many linguistic and logical rules, which may be overwhelming for him or her. So there is no need to let the kid know the grammar inside out. If this kid is capable of communicating in French at this age, you should be proud. And that’s enough.

【Time】 Although an intensive study plan might go a long way to learn languages for adults, kids may feel bored or less concentrated if the time put in French learning in a day is too long. So a moderate 30-minute or one-hour plan is enough for this kid.

【Clichés】 Always encourage your kid to speak French as much as possible.

Always communicate with your kid, and know what he or she likes and wants.

It’s always your choice.

Save your lingots for others. I’m here to help your kid, and that’s why I'm here.

Thank you,



Also reading easy books that are aimed at really young children to him that are French - this will help him pick up more of the basic vocabulary. Another great way is to wait, again super easy, children's cartoons on Youtube or TV. Basically all the ways that he learnt English over the years will help him to learn French also


Maybe Peppa Pig? I'm not sure what age it's aimed at, but it's simple. You could show him an episode in english first, then the same episode in french. They used to air them like that specifically to teach kids foreign languages. It didn't catch up in France and now if it airs it's only the french version x) But they should be findable on youtube, probably.


Yes, I've adviced his parents to make him watch Peppa Pig and some other children series - I cannot do that during my own courses, since I'm paid to do the teaching, but I may try to watch short videos with him and ask him questions about it! :D Thanks for the comment, that's really helpful!


Children like songs.


Thanks for the advice, I'll try that!

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