"Seo an fhùil."

Translation:This is the blood.

June 14, 2020

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I thought it was a Catholic communion thing.


what in the name of goodness is "the blood"?!


Imagine your biology teacher has brought to class some jars filled with various parts of, say, a chicken. They might hold one up to you and say seo na h-itean "these are the feathers" and for another seo an fhuil "this is the blood". Granted, that's not going to be the most common situation, but "the blood" is basically normal blood where the context requires the use of a definite article.

(fuil has a short /u/, by the way, not a long /u:/ as it's spelled here with "fùil".)


It's what goes in the Stornoway black pudding :-)

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