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Gesture writing doesn't work in android

I use Duolingo on a Sony Xperia Z mobile handset running with Android OS. Recently (a couple months back) I updated the OS as prompted by Google Play. However since then i cannot use the gesture writing feature on Duolingo anymore. It works on other applications, but to use Duolingo I have to type each word character by character. Being a long time user of finger gestures, this is very annoying for me and I have recently almost stopped using Duolingo. I will really appreciate any solution of this.

August 1, 2014



Hi n.shomik,

Sorry, I don't have a solution for you here (I'm not an expert with this device), but I suggest you move this discussion to Troubleshooting (change topic at the top left in Edit mode to "Troubleshooting") so the moderators and Duolingo team can see this better.

Hope someone will (eventually) find you a solution! :)


Thanks for the suggestion. I just have changed it to troubleshooting. Hope someone responds soon.


Hi moderators and admins! I am eagerly waiting on you guys. I would like to start using it on my phone asap.

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