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"Regarde, il y a plein de papillons sur ces fleurs."

Translation:Look, there are a lot of butterflies on these flowers.

June 15, 2020



Why use "il y a plein de " [it is full?] for "there are lots"?

Would "beaucoup de " also be acceptable?


I wondered about that too..... I think that Duo is using the idea of "full of" when saying "a lot of". Thus "plain de" instead of "beaucoup de". Seems to me both are correct translations.... did anyone get beaucoup de marked incorrect?


The slow version has a peculiar sound for "y" which is not helpful. The normal version sounds correct.


In the slow version, he says the letter of the alphabet instead of the word.


its very strange that the speaker says the French word for "y" instead of saying the y (e)sound


"There is a lot" or "there are lots" - NOT "there are a lot"


Why is that DrSBenson?

"There IS a lot of them" sounds very strange to me, I would be far more inclined to say "There ARE a lot of them"......

Studying french is also making me question my grasp of my native [Brit]English!



Well, grammar says because the noun is singular you need the verb conjugated for the singular i.e. "there is a lot of them", and sometimes this is what is said. However in conversation a lot of people might say "there ARE a lot of them" which is grammatically incorrect. However most/more people would probably say "there's a lot of them", which is probably a good result. It sounds OK and is actually grammatically correct!


Why not beaucoup de ???


Slow version is not helpful


Please! 'A lot' is singular, therefore use 'is' = is a lot. 'Lots' is plural, so use 'are' = are lots.


Why wasn't "Look, there are a lot of butterflies on these flowers." accepted?

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