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"Is dit het noordelijk, zuidelijk, of westelijk halfrond?"

Translation:Is this the northern, southern, or western hemisphere?

August 1, 2014



Not all of those hemispheres are mutually exclusive...

[deactivated user]

    Why is there no "-e" here?


    I don't think it's really wrong to add the -e, but for noordelijk, oostelijk, zuidelijk and westelijk it's normally not added for het-words, e.g. het westelijk havengebied (the western harbour area), de noordelijke provincies (the northern provinces).


    but it isn't accepted


    These words are exeptions. There are a lot of exeptions in dutch. (I'm a native speaker and it's really confusing, even for me)


    Het openbaar vervoer for some reason.


    Noordelijk halfrond and the others are just exceptions I think.


    I think it is because the two words together (noordelijk halfrond) are a geographical name as opposed to an adjective describing the noun. Similarly, het Verenigd Koninkrijk = the United Kingdom, het verenigde koninkrijk = the united kingdom (no capital letters, the kingdom that is united).


    Can we use halfrond for the brain hemispheres?


    You would use hersenhelft in that case.


    No you cannot use halfrond to refer to the cerebral hemisphere.


    Was the oxford comma here someones personal preference or is it typical of written dutch more than it is of written English (where it tends to be personal preference)?


    There are no overly strict rules for the "oxford comma" here. However, as a rule of thumb it would be used if one when speaking would normally have a short break in the sentence, which for me personally would be the case in this sentence.


    More or less the same as I would use it in English then. Bedankt El2theK!

    ?(Dan is het samen als ik het in engels zouden gebruiken)? Feel like I'm still wrong 9 times out of 10 when I try to write things out in Dutch...

    • Dan is het hetzelfde als in het Engels.
    • Dan is het net zoals ik het in het Engels zou gebruiken


    What's the difference between the northern the southern... and the northern southern ...?

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