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App vs Website(is the website "harder")

Hey Everyone!

In the past two weeks or so I finally have broken through the 3rd and final Spanish checkpoint! I have been using the website to utilize the verb charts for the various tenses. In doing a few lessons online, I feel that for some reason there is more typing in the website than in the app. Has anyone else had this experience or failed more while using the website?

Just curious, but maybe this means the website is for core learning days, where the app is more for review and such, as a "harder" course would probably make a better student.

4 years ago



I've been using the app for a while and powered through the first checkpoint. Then I switched to the website at work and found that, although I can eventually pass a module, I fail a lot of questions to get there. I guess that failures compound the knowledge but it can get frustrating

2 years ago

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I've mostly used the website, but used the app for a while yesterday for the first time in a while, and I found that although the website does require more thinking, the app actually taught me better when I had no idea what the answer was. This may just be a difference in learning styles, but I found that the app's system helps me associate a word with its meaning better, even though it doesn't help me generate words as much as the website does.

4 years ago


I think it also depends on whether or not you have your mic enabled on your pc/laptop. On the app that will take up at last 2-3 questions you would otherwise get. You also get to choose words for some questions the app gives you - it saves on typing on a phone, and also means you don't have to recall every word on your own necessarily (just like Rewjeo pointed out).

Not sure there's really a 'hard vs easy' answer.. Whatever is easier for you I suppose.

4 years ago


I think you get more out the website (it also has better lingot store), but I think app is harder personally since for my phone the keyboard is smaller than laptop so I get a lot more answers incorrect. App is convenient if you don't have access to website from a PC.

2 years ago


I know Im not the one who asked in the first place but gracias! It helped a lot. The app also lets you do clubs, except I have no idea how to leave one, and they are a bit stupid honestly.

1 year ago